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Last Week’s TV – Paradox & Gavin and Stacey

Matt Robinson on the BBC’s new time-bending drama, and the return of the warm and fuzzy Gavin and Stacey.There seems to be some sort of a trend at the moment for time-bending dramas.

First we were treated to FlashForward, where a worldwide black rendered the entire population unconscious for 137 seconds, during which time people saw visions of their lives six months in the future.

Then we had Collision, which worked in reverse, dramatising the events, which led to an eight-car pile up on the A12, caused by a waitress’ inability to kill a wasp, or so we are led to believe.

Now we have Paradox, the BBC’s offering to the mix. A series about an unexplained phenomenon that causes an astrophysicist’s computer to download images from space detailing a forthcoming traffic accident 18 hours in the future.

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