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Review of Last Weeks TV

I used to be an avid TV viewer but in recent weeks I have found my ability to engage in the colourful medium slowly slip away.

That said I did manage to catch a few unmissable treats. The first was the return of the eagerly awaited third season of US hit Heroes. After a lacklustre second season weakened by The Writers Strike, the show was back with a bang. Picking up right where we left off, the Heroes timeline was dramatically expanded with darker versions of our favourite characters emerging, reflecting the sinister ‘Villians’ header for the new volume. Although reality seems to be a thing of the past, the show definitely is not in danger of jumping the shark just yet, providing you accept that no one can ever die, it really is compulsive viewing. With so many questions yet to be answered and many more being asked, the biggest show to come out of the states in the last few years is back asserting its presence as one of the finest TV shows around.

Also back on our screens last week was the long running music show Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Despite Bill Bailey being absent the show was still on top form. Amstell’s quick wit was a sharp as ever and the irreverent nature of the show remained unhinged by the departure of the popular comedian as team captain. The only disappointment was Mark Ronson as guest team captain against Phil Jupitus. He was no where near as engaging or funny as he should have been and was the only weak link in the programme. We can only hope that the future guest captains will improve, or a show which has amassed 22 seasons may disappear from our screens. Despite this negative aspect, it did provide my highlight of the week – A small little tribute to the great Bill Bailey to ‘No Air’. Watch Below.

Finally it was the big non reveal of the final 12 X Factor contestants on Sunday. Eagled eyed fans will no the official list was published a week previous, much to the annoyance of Simon Cowell. As always we were faced with a bunch of emotional wrecks hoping for the dream break, (the one they have been dreaming about for their entire life – or in some of the cases just a few years) but despite the water works, you still had to watch. One thing is for sure the Saturday Night TV battle has well and truly started with Strictly Come Dancing well into its stride on BBC1. In case you live in a whole the X Factor finalists are listed below.

Boys (Simon Cowell) Austin Drage Eoghan Quigg Scott Bruton
Girls (Cheryl Cole) Alexandra Burke Diana Vickers Laura White
Over 25s (Dannii Minogue) Daniel Evans Rachel Hylton Ruth Lorenzo
Groups (Louis Walsh) Bad Lashes Girlband JLS

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