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The First Post

At long last I have jumped on the blogging bandwagon. It has taken a while for me to wake up to the latest craze on the internet but after starting the Newspaper Journalism MA/Diploma at City University, London – I thought it was about time.

On this blog I will be regularly discussing all things journalism. As I progress through my university course and other journalistic enterprises I will be expressing my views, observations and experiences on the news and developments in the world of journalism.

Having survived my first week at City the only way is up. Shorthand hasn’t been the nightmare I though it would be and although in at the deep-end so early on was intimidating, it really helped. Not only did it push us to the limit but highlighted the pressure we will all face in whatever potential jobs we later seek.

The best thing about journalism is that it is never ending and always evolving – with all new ways of reporting I can’t wait to get started. With my time as the first student editor on The Eagle (Bedford Modern School – School Magazine), News Editor at Spark* (Reading University Student’s Union Newspaper) and my work at News International and the Reading Evening Post behind me – I look forward to the many opportunities and experience awaiting me in the future.

So that’s it – my first blog – and the first of many more to come.

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