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Bambuser Product Review


Bambuser allows users to stream live video on the move in real time directly to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It is so easy to use that once you have downloaded the application and signed up for free, you can be streaming live footage in seconds.

The application is perfect for travellers and journalists alike and accessible with most smart phones, including the Nokia N96, Motorola CLIQ, and the Sony Ericsson Satio in addition to the iPhone.

The quality of the live video stream is superb, offering virtually no delay thanks to proprietary technology, meaning that it provides users with the closest thing possible to physically being in the same location as the broadcaster.

The biggest draw of Bambuser is that it works anywhere, so not matter where you are in the world, you can instantly share live video. It’s also fully interactive, allowing for instant interaction as the broadcaster can view incoming chat messages from viewers as they record.

The only drawback is that the playback quality on previously shot videos is not brilliant and is very slow. However for its primary purpose – live video streaming – it is excellent, and far better than other competitors like Qik, particular because it is a lot simpler to use.

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Will users go with the mFlow?

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mFlow, a UK-based music service, which provides users the chance to earn money by sharing music with their friends, has now been moved into public beta testing having been invitation-only since December 2009.

Pitched as iTunes meets Twitter, mFlow is a brand new way of discovering music – an online music store combined with social networking.

mFlow allows users to listen to any 30 seconds of any track, from the services library, as many times as they like and then recommend it to their friends. The twist being, if their friends then buy it, they earn 20 per cent of the sale price, which they can then use to purchase more music.

Just like Twitter you can follow (and be followed by) friends, as well as musicians, DJs and record labels. Once you find a track you like, you can then ‘flow’ it to your friends. They can then listen to the track in full once for free and have the option of buying it. The same applies for any track your friends flow to you – therefore the more people you follow, the more tracks you get to get to enjoy.

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