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It’s not all doom and gloom

The FT soaring high in the sky

The FT soaring high in the sky

The persistent reports that newspapers are in decline have been turned upside down today.

The FT group, which publishes the Financial Times, has announced an 11% year-on year rise in revenue for the first nine months of the year.

The report in The Guardian today also states that the increase in circulation and advertising revenues was matched by an increase in data revenue. The news I must say is somewhat of a joy to a trainee journalist who, for the past few weeks, has been bombarded with the message the newspaper is dying.

The company said: “The Financial Times and Mergemarket are continuing to increase their content revenues and build their audiences through the volatility in global financial markets” the company said.

However, whilst the news is positive, if taken in context, is only a small piece of music to the ears. The FT is a world wide paper, which does not cater solely for the British market. Therefore, yes, it is pleasing to hear that The FT is thriving but with The Independent struggling with rapidly falling circulation and many other papers heading in that direction the assessment over whether newspaper owners require a profit will become much more of an issue.

Whilst not all media owners only serve to make a profit, the importance of it over political power, public service, prestige and public service will become much more of an issue and one I look forward to following.

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